In The Name of Allah The Most Compassionate the most merciful

Open University of the Sudan (OUS) is a public university among the many public the country although its route to Education is a bit different it handles open education OUS is based in Khartoum, it provides courses that qualify for bachelor and postgraduate degrees through open mode of education, the university is a member of the Federation of the of the Universities of the Islamic world.

The Emergence of the faculty of languages:

The faculty of language is established in 2007 it includes two departments, English Department and that of Arabic language. The motto, mission, vision, and the objectives of English Department is inseparable from that of OUS. Thus it sets these as follows:


Education of English language for all


To be a leading and distinct department in imparting English language, locally and globally to the student who are majoring in English. Via open and distant philosophy of education.


Ensuring national identity and of the cultural heritage through homemade curricula that reflect our culture via English language.

  1. To expand higher education chances of intake in English Department.
  2. To offer alternative chances for those who don’t want to leave their homeland to study English at home
  3. To offer English language education to students English at their residences
  4. To adapt students to modern technology to acquire English language
  5. To help students attain the attain the acquisition of English language via a DIY (do it yourself )
  6. To acquire a command of English that helps graduates to communicate with native speaker abroad
  7. To make linked with the other departments of the university.