Open University of Sudan

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  • panel of quality

    panel of quality assurance and accreditation, held its first meeting

  • A memorandum of understanding between OUS. And university of Bossaso

    As a part of their joint program of collaboration toward enhancing and developing academic and scientific research in the field of open and distance learning

  • A satellite channel allocation contract

    The OUS signed a contract of allocation of satellite television channel on Arab-sat satellites within Arab-sat digital package, with the Arab Satellite Communications (Arab regional organization with an independent personality Professor Faisal Abdullah Al-Hajj((The Acting V.C)

  • The role of media in advocating for people with special needs

    As a part of a program to strengthen the rights of the blind and visually impaired executed by the National Center for the Rehabilitation of the Blind in solidarity with the European Union Mission in Khartoum. Ous. participated in the forum under the title

  • 5

    The open University of the Sudan Vice-chancellor, Professor Faisal Abdullah ElHaj, telecasts his worm congratulations to the promated OUS staff: Dr. Sami Gido Mohamed Elnor, Head Department of Scientific Research,

The 40th cultural Forum

The (OUS) Department of Research and Planning and Development (RPD), has conducted its 40th cultural Forum entitled " Performance and speech skills" that had been presented by Mohammed Elfatih Abu A'agla who has pinpointed that nations developed by its


Consolation and commiseration

The vice chancellor and the staff of the Open University of the Sudan (OUS) to feel sad and grief for the demise of Mr. Joseph Aktech, (AVU, Multinational Project II, Procurement Officer), who began to procure the cooperation with OUS for the sake of humanity and African human in the loftiest efforts offered to humanity in our time, with tremendous efforts to rooting the knowledge in our continent that we all looking forward